Our first hand experience of Dr. Colton is when she was asked to assist our young child in anger management. She portrayed a real ‘hands on’ and empathetic approach which our child found reassuring and returned this with a willingness to share his feelings in an open manner. Anna conveyed in simple terms ways of recognising anger build up and how to deal with anger in a calm, proactive and positive manner. She showed true sincerity in her support, and professionalism throughout her time with our son whom we believe has benefited and responded so well, and we as parents feel confident for our son’s future and that he will continue to use his time with Anna to great effect.

Parent of 12 year old stage star

Finding the right person to help me proved to be difficult as being a male sufferer is very rare. When I started with Anna I instantly took to her due the friendly, non – judgmental and understanding approach she conveyed, as well as making it very clear to me she was there to help me get better and I wouldn’t get a away with anything; she is firm but fair.
During her sessions, Anna always works on things you feel are important to you and your current situation as well as being prepared with her own plans to help you out. What I love about Anna, is although I only saw her once to twice a week, she was always on the other end of an email so at the beginning of my time with her – when things were very difficult – we would email almost every day and the support and advice she would give me was never ending.
Additionally, Anna never portrayed a shocked attitude to anything I would declare, thus distancing my emotions from feeling examined, evaluated and judged; I felt I could be myself and say anything I felt was important. Furthermore, as a patient I felt Anna engaged with me and I really felt she put everything into trying to make me happy and recovered.
Moreover, one thing that I feel – now that I’m recovered – that is a preliminary importance, is that your phycologist, doctor or whoever is aiding you, investigates the nitty gritty and dark places of your situation, for as we know, anorexia is a catastrophic illness which attacks you in many ways, leading to a whole load of emotions, thoughts and feelings. Anna approached this in a sympathetic way, making me feel at ease and like I could open up, making it a lot easier to comprehend my feelings.
Finally, before Anna, I had tried to receive help from others such as school nurses, dieticians, etc. and I didn’t get anywhere near as much help and support as Anna gave me. In would never wish to have recovered with anyone else. Anna is amazing, understanding and incredible women whom I have the up most respect for. I will forever be thankful to her. She saved my life.

15 year old recovering anorexic

Anna combines the best of two worlds: she is an experienced clinical psychologist specialising in eating issues,  and an RTT therapist. She is highly knowledgeable about eating disorders and treatment options and has great nutritional knowledge. She combines all of this in her RTT sessions giving permanent results fast. I’d highly recommend her.

Ilka, weight loss client.

RTT weight loss client

I recently saw Anna about a childhood issue that had been impeding my adult life. Anna provided a safe, nurturing space where we were able to look at the issue and remove its power. Thanks to Anna and RTT I have now put this behind me and have felt lighter since our session.

I have no hesitation in recommending Anna as a professional therapist able to tactfully and skilfully deal with any issues that might be blocking your growth.


RTT client

My child is a professional theatre performer, and saw Dr. Anna about some difficulties with anxiety that developed during the course of a production. Dr. Anna was able to rapidly get to the heart of the issue and begin to implement management strategies, which meant that my child was reassured from the first session that their problem was understood, and more importantly, was soluble.  She quickly established a strong rapport with my child, and was very effective at communicating in an age-appropriate manner – no psychobabble, and no talking down to children either. Her straight-talking and pragmatic approach was very empowering, because she gave my child the tools to help solve their own problems. She had a very acute understanding of the needs of a child performer, and dealt with issues with intelligence, empathy, common sense and a refreshing dose of humour. Thanks to Dr. Anna, a year on my child has continued to perform professionally with no ongoing anxiety issues. I really cannot recommend Dr. Anna highly enough; her help enabled my child to continue with a pastime that they derive a great deal of enjoyment and benefit from.


I initially booked a session with Anna after a dreadful first year at University. I had found it hard to meet like – minded people on my course and as a result felt very lonely and depressed. I couldn’t decide whether to stick at it, take a year out, or drop out of university all together. I was almost certain that I would carry on with my degree but wanted the chance to talk it over with someone.

Upon meeting Anna I was immediately put at ease; she is an immensely warm and likeable character and I found it incredibly easy to be open and completely honest with her.

I assumed that I would explain my situation and she would give me her opinion and some advice etc. Instead, throughout the session she posed a series of questions which very effectively helped me to really think about the assumptions I had come to and instead of giving me her direct opinion, she helped to elicit my own thoughts which was much more effective. In this way she not only completely changed my perception of my current circumstances, she also helped me to become more aware of my thoughts and reasoning processes and so has helped to prepare me for similar situations in the future.

I found this incredibly helpful – so much so, that I continued to have sessions with her for quite a while even though I had only anticipated it to be a one-off.

I am now preparing to transfer to another University for the upcoming academic year – something that I had previously assumed wasn’t possible and I am very much looking forward to it. I am so grateful to Dr Colton and honestly cannot recommend her highly enough.


Truly amazing. To say I was sceptical is an understatement.  I have a natural and professional antipathy towards anything that smells like “pop psychology.” It was only my profound respect for Anna as an empirically guided psychologist that encouraged me to embark upon this weight management journey. The results are staggering. Anna’s deep commitment to compassionate understanding is tempered with practical strategies; she instantly targeted vulnerable areas that had stymied maintaining personal weight-loss for years.  When I fulfilled my initial goals (30lbs) and hit a plateau, Anna immediately provided a new recording that rekindled my motivation and is leading me toward the final stages.  The process is effortless and sustained, currently over a period of eight months, with no slippage. I believe the method is excellent.  However, it is Anna’s skill, psychological expertise, and ability to target critical areas that makes this programme so effective.  I would unequivocally recommend Anna to anyone who is ready to initiate permanent life changes.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss client

After experiencing the wonderful work by Dr Anna Colton at first hand ,I now have more of an understanding of the how to change my mindset and stop reverting to the old me when feelings of despair come upon me.

I’ve experienced few triggers that would normally lead me into despair and have a negative thoughts about myself but with some of the tools I have learnt from Anna I have managed to not relapse into the darkness and negative thoughts.

I would personally like to thank Anna so much for the time and help she has given me and will highly  recommend her gift to other clients

Client who had a combination of CBT & RTT

Wow, I don’t want to jinx anything but I really am feeling pretty transformed.

As you saw I was in an incredibly bad place. I am now feeling lighter. My body’s response to fear has stopped, my heart is not racing and I am not feeling crippled by small thoughts of fear.

Before my interview I completely stopped worrying. It became very clear to me that I really didn’t want to work there but instead I really, really wanted to work somewhere else and that the interview was a perfect opportunity for a ‘test’ run, I should trial things out and work out their response. This made the process so much more productive than it would’ve been before. The interview went fine, I wasn’t nervous, but confident, I didn’t crumble when they asked the hardest case question but instead I was confident and moved forward. Most importantly I learned that I need to structure my answers more and be more engaging. This was all because I was calm!

I have flashes of previous worries, but I am able to recognise them and move forward.

Hypnotherapy client