The Bar

The London Bar is a unique place in every way. From being located in and around the Temple, to the nature of the work and the very particular make up and skills sets of both barristers and clerks . The pressures and demands upon both groups are significant and require a different understanding to other areas of the law.

If you are a barrister, a clerk, a set of chambers looking for expert advice, training or 1:1 coaching, you are in the right place. I have a specialist knowledge of life at the bar due a combination of family experience and working with the bar for the last few years.

I have given talks to the Institute of Barristers Clerks and many sets of chambers on mental health and wellbeing at the bar. In particular, I explain why barristers are particularly vulnerable to mental health difficulties and clearly outline some of the most important physiology involved and give strategies that are protective to mental health and wellbeing. In addition I have written and advised upon mental health policies for chambers.

I regularly deliver mental health training sessions to sets of chambers that are specific to the bar and the set rather than being the generic mental health first aid training. These sessions are bespoke, delivered to small groups of 6-8 at a time and are devised to skill up clerks in particular, who are on the ‘front line’ in terms of their barristers’ career and wellbeing and are thus perfectly positioned to spot signs of stress, or psychological distress and intervene early. As always, prevention is far superior to cure and early intervention is the key to prevention. Knowing what and how to notice signs and symptoms that there are difficulties is fundamental to my training.

I have trained pupil supervisors and pupil mentors in magic circle sets on the stresses of pupilage and how to minimise risk and maximise support to their pupils in this uniquely stressful, demanding start to a career.

I offer a consultation to sets with whom I work, so that whenever there are  any concerns about individuals or situations, we can think through together how best to approach and address them and preempt issues prior to any steps being taken.

I coach both barristers and clerks on a 1:1 basis, and my coaching is expert, confidential and bespoke.

The sets with whom I have worked closely include One Essex Court, 11 Kings Bench Walk, 1 Kings Bench Walk and 4 Brick Court.

Dr Anna is clearly a leading mental health practitioner and is a provider of first class mental health training.

It is not only her expertise that is impressive, but her passion for mental health awareness and reducing the stigma about mental health shines through her training. The sessions catered for staff at all levels and were well organised, constructive and tailored to our specific needs. Rarely have staff been so positive following a training session, but we found that we were discussing this for days afterwards.

Senior clerk 11 KBW